Monday, March 13, 2006

Confusional Language

Why do they speak like that? Confusional stuff just makes people angry! Go Dr Andy!
Duration: 5 minutes


Anonymous said...

This is the best thing ever. I hope you continue to release these videos at the same rate you have been.

BTW, you should add a donate button somewhere so I can help fund this awesomeness.

blogmeister5000 said...

Brilliant work! You made my day! I think I've been cured of the shits! Big thanks from the shores of Chicago. Curtis

BD said...
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JTony said...

Wow, that was one huge mess of a rant.

You covered about 50K things in that one, and none of them well.

It was extrememly hard to follow because instead of making simple statements about a single topic, you decided to let your rant rail against everything. Your language was not confusional, but your topic was.

I really like the idea you have of delving into these topics, but maybe try to be less cute and more cohesive.

BD said...

I have neither a psychoanalyst nor an iPod. This fact makes me sad.

Anonymous said...

Just got back from your lecture on your multimedia piece in the art gallery - thanks again for having a chat to the public about your "ethink" work.

Had a look at your internet video postings and they are absolutely great! Keep them coming as I think they're magic.

Anyway drop me an email at: chris.drabsch*at*mnetcorporation*dot*com
and I can give you some contacts regarding getting art onto people's mobile phones if you're keen.

Hope to see further re-showings of e-think later on in the future!

webmaster @

BD said...

I want more. Because you are on the Internet, you must satisfy my demands.

Anonymous said...

Artists are so smart and funny these days!