Saturday, May 05, 2007

10 New Andy P Movies at Metacafe!

Greetings to Fans in Fargo USA! Also to those in Birmingham, Kearny, Regina, Oakland, Virginia Beach, Bothel, Burlington, Los Angeles and New York! Also to those in Repton UK! And those in Madrid, Dohrenkamp, Lisbon, Berlin, Colbertado and Munich! Also those in Palm Beach, Norwood, Perth and Adelaide Australia!

The Good News is that Dr Andy Warhola has new movies at Metacafe! 10 new movies in all. Well more of an archive of stuff from 1985 till the present day! In particular see the "New e News" presented by Rudy Nemdov and Tim Turbine, made only last week! Keywords are: andyp petrusevics e dr andy warhola otto

For more information on Australian contemporary artist Andy Petrusevics:

Stay tuned for the upcoming "Dr Andy Warhola does the USA!" tour, with extra dates in Fargo and Regina!
See the website for details! To get tickets click on the e party link! All the very best from Dr Andy Warhola!